Inventionism In The United States

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Harming the World 156. That is the number of countries that the United States has a military presence in. After World War II the US became a world superpower and since then the US has become increasingly interventionist. Although interventionism could be considered a practical foreign policy, isolationism is the only practical foreign policy as it is not one countries place to police the rest of the world since interventionism creates hatred for the United States, domestic affairs are of more importance, and interventionism results in violations of sovereignty which harms the world
The universal issue within the US’s policy of interventionism is that the US uses interventionism to protect its own interests and is damaging the world because
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However they do the exact opposite. Intelligence used to choose targets for drone strikes is not concrete. In a video on AJ+ Takruri says, “First the intel used to decide who to target, especially in countries where the United States is not officially at war, is frequently based on flimsy evidence”. (AJ+, 00:20)Drone strikes do not make a safer world because the people that we are killing may be innocent. As well as flimsy evidence, most of the people killed by drone strikes are not targets. Takruri says, “During a year long operation in Afghanistan, US drones killed over two hundred people, only thirty five of which were targets. Yet every single death was classified as an enemy killed in action”. (AJ+, 1:16)Saying that drone strikes creates a safer world is to basically ignore the death of one hundred and sixty five possibly innocent human beings. All of this is of importance because it demonstrates that interventionism through the use of drone strikes is not a good way for the US to be involved in the world. Another matter of importance that can be taken from this is that the US tries to cover up the deaths of innocents by classifying almost all drone strike deaths as enemies killed in …show more content…
Doing this makes sure that the US does not practice interventionism to only protect its interests. “If a State is manifestly failing to protect its populations, the international community must be prepared to take collective action to protect populations” (United Nations 1). This exemplifies how the UN acts as a non-partisan international organization that only involves itself and member states in extreme situations. The implications and the solution I discussed are of importance because it demonstrates that there are more negatives than positives that come from using interventionism as a foreign

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