Swot Analysis Of United Cereal

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United Cereal:
Lora Brill’s Eurobrand Challenge
Ashraf Ismayilov

United cereal is a US based company established in 1910 by Jed Thomas. The company established its first productions with cracked wheat, rolled oats and malt flakes however, later on, they moved their production line into products like drinks and beverages, dairy products and so on. UC was a successful company with an average value of 9 billion dollars by 2010. United Cereal was customer oriented company with its one of the most important slogan, “listen to the customers”. Basically, the company tried to understand the target segments and provide right products for them. In addition to customers, production and marketing were important part of the company where many innovative ideas were developed making the company the market leader. In 1910, breakfast cereal market had slow development but later the products showed very high demand creating 21 billion dollar market. It was a great opportunity
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It showed success in product development for UC. After 2008 global recession forced companies to cut expenses and biggest controllable expense for companies was marketing expenses. UC managers believed that Eurobrand concept would be applied for marketing of company however there are few concerns about launching product as Eurobrand in France. To begin with, Eurobrand approach allows company to cut their marketing expenses by 10-15 %. As stated before company has a well know strategy that is to listen to customers and understand their needs but by using Eurobrand concept. But forgetting values of the company for this particular case will allow company to move to France and earn competitive advantage and high market penetration value. If it’s decided to move to France as Eurobrand concept it will put responsibilities over country managers but interactions between different offices in Europe will create real European team among

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