Unit 4:P4: to Describe Two Theories of Ageing –Disengagement and Activity P5 – Describe Physical and Psychological Changes Due to the Ageing Process M3: Use Examples to Describe the 2 Theories of Ageing D2: Evaluate the

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P4: to describe two theories of ageing –disengagement and activity
P5 – Describe physical and psychological changes due to the ageing process
M3: Use examples to describe the 2 theories of ageing
D2: Evaluate the influence of 2 major theories on health and social care provisions.
The activity theory The Activity Theory was originally an idea that was proposed by Lemon Bengtson &Peterson this proposal was seen to have a much more hopeful and positive view on ageing in comparison to the disengagement theory by Cumming and Henry. The activity theory suggests that as people get older their ageing process will be more successful if they maintain their roles and responsibilities as they did when they were younger this is if they
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As bones are made from living tissue when we age our bones get weaker because of the loss of bone tissues and this makes them less dense which alters the structure of the bones. With ageing the bones become less dense for different reasons for instance living an inactive lifestyle can cause bone wastage and if the bones are losing calcium this could also make them weaker. When the bones get weaker it means that the bone mass is low and this puts people at a greater risk of breaking bones, this may be as a result of falling or unexpectedly bumping into something. This is one of the reasons why elderly people are more prone to getting fractured bones, for example if an elderly person falls down the stairs and breaks their hip this will affect them, both physically and psychologically. A condition that can be linked in with this is arthritis
The physical affect would be that the hip is broken which will prevent them from walking and may even result in the person becoming housebound, stopping them from conducting their daily routines and activities, these activities may be anything from visiting the community centre or simply looking after the house or making food for themselves. Thus, this will affect the individuals

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