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International Trade
Unit 2 Individual Project
Presented in Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Class
MGMT 220 Introduction to International Business
By Marisa Canales
AIU Online
14 January 2011

When I, Marisa think about international trade one country comes to mind; Japan because Japan manufactures cars or electronics for example for America but it needs from us metals like iron and copper. Without us trading back and forth with Japan both sides would be hurting economy. In which I, Marisa will be going over more in detailed but first I, Marisa need to know the relation between international trade and world output, describe the broad pattern of international trade, if the nations of the world were to suddenly cut
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The main cause for this is the fact that fewer consumers are absolutely certain about their financial futures. This leads to consumers purchasing fewer domestic and imported products.”(, 2011) What is the broad pattern of international trade? Well international trade is also known as “Global trade” which is “exchange of raw materials, goods and services across the geographical borders of countries across the globe.”(, 2011) Trade has been around since the late eighteenth century but over the years it has become revolutionized into what is known today due to improved ways to transport goods, fast and on time. This is what is known as “a surge in international trade in the twentieth century. Today, international trade has taken the form of outsourcing and multinational companies (companies that have a presence in several countries).” (, 2011) But more important to know how a broad pattern of international trade works. “Sometimes people talk about trade as if it were adversarial; one side competing against the other. In this context, one might believe that trade would generate a winner and a loser as if trade were a contest; trade is not a zero-sum game. When two individuals make a voluntary exchange, they will both benefit.”(, 2011) Exchange can only happen if two countries voluntary make the trade for goods. The countries can also decide not to trade if they want with the other country as well. But

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