College Graduates Affecting The Economy Essay

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Is the decrease in college graduates affecting the economy? As time goes by people are noticing that less students are graduating from college. College was built to help people acquire useful skills, better education, and a more comfortable life. What happens to the people with no degrees? Most of them end up unemployment or in prison. A couple of people do not believe that this issue is affecting the economy but the truth is that unemployment and the increase in more prisoners is affecting today’s economy. Everyone should have the chance to attend college.
A degree varies from different majors. Depending in what the college student wants to study the student usually completes college in four years. For some jobs a degree is required in order
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Instead high school students should seek into attending a vocational school. In a vocational school the student will just attend courses related to their major that the student desires. According to Murray, the less time spent in college the better the student will obtain knowledge (par. 11). Murray claims that why should students waste four years in a college when the outcome would leave them without a job and in debt. Instead students should pursue a certificate that would guarantee a job after graduation. Receiving a certificate takes no more than two years because the student does not need to take extra courses. Although a vocational school seems simple and easy to do, a four year college is a better investment. The reason why students who attend a four a college land on a job which pays a low wage or is not related their career interest is because the student was not well prepared before they even started attending college. According to vice chairman of CRT Capital Group and the author Ben Carpenter “She had gone to a good school and done well as a student, but had never thought about her future in a structured way, and I realized what she was missing an education in career training” (par. 2). Carpenter claims that even though students attend a high education it is not guaranteed that the student will succeed after college. What students need is to attend a career training course which would provide the student with support and ideas to what career to choose. The student should remain taking the course till the day of graduation to insure the right

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