Understanding Of The Word Art Essay

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[Name of the institute] Understanding of Arts
1. The word art refers to the creative ability and the outcome of human action with consciousness involved. The precise definition of arts is debateable and has become so vast since the human perception keeps on evolving. The human understanding of life is continuously evolving and our perception is constantly changing as the technological advancements in science are affecting our daily life. The art I believe emerges out of the absurdity of life, existence and all of the connotations attached to human existence lead to the creation of art. Art for according to some people is the act of creation. When a human creates something out of using cognitive abilities and his/her understanding of life, it is titled as “art”.
Art can also be defined as human expression and the intricate and fragile connection of existence to the hidden and unsolved mystery which surrounds us. Since the future is always hidden and our existence remains a mystery, a human is driven by this broken and missing connection of his with the life one lives. Art however is not only creating but perceiving something in subjective way can also be categorized as art. The subjective interpretation of a man regarding his surrounding and then his expression and creation according to that interpretation is art. Art I believe also resides in the perception. The way of looking at things and interpreting the feeling it gives you is…

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