The Role Of Aphrodite In The Media

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In American society a woman’s body is sexualized in the media. Beauty is an image that everyone strives for. There isn’t an exact definitions of beauty, it can be external and internal. What one sees as beauty another can view as ugly. Normally, women in ads/ TV are portrayed as sex symbols. There goals is to get as many buyers to indulge in a certain product and project an image that if you consume what I have you’ll look and feel beautiful. Over the course of class we have read many myths about love, tragedy, incest and heroism. I’ve noticed the theme of many of the myths involve love, and its effects on their destiny. My essay will be discussing the representation of Aphrodite in the media and relating it to being a woman in America. Firstly, …show more content…
How’s the media involved? Aphrodite represents sex, desire, lust, and love and if many people view woman just for these things. There are so many crimes against women because of the perceptions of their body and what the media portrays it as. People assume that since most of the time women advertise sex using clothing, make-up, and any form to express beauty that woman are just meant for sexual pleasures. For this reason there has been a rise in sexual assaults against woman in the United States and around the world. So, with this being a fact I would say that Aphrodite “power”, is a curse in modern times. Either a woman’s body is used to be sexualized or it is to be violated and exposed in the media. The media lacks to show true beauty of a woman, it’s always in a superficial similar to a tragedy, in our in class reading I found myself questioning Aphrodite true “powers”. She is said to represent love and beauty, but some of the myths that she partakes ends in tragedy. Like when she fell in love with Achilles, by Zeus’s trickery. Then she had to watch her lover die because in his drunken spurs he accidentally bragged about sleeping with her. Woman are used as sex symbols around the world. A woman is seen as lesser or isn’t held to high platforms like a male in many cultures. When I was conducting my research on Aphrodite, I noticed that people depictions of her were pale skin, skinny, and blonde hair. Also, how it’s similar to how many people in the U.S. think that pale skin, and blonde hair is the beauty norm, and that the beautiful people tend to be dumb, common to the stereotypical term “Dumb Blonde”. I find this confusing because Aphrodite is not portrayed as a dummy in any of the myths, she would actually be quite offended. But well never know what she actually looked like, I have a theory that her beauty was able to shapeshift into anything. I thought about

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