Helen In The Iliad Analysis

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In the Iliad, and ancient Greek in general, women were alway seen and portrayed as property. In this time there were also different categories of women, the mortals such as Helen, and the gods such as Hera and Aphrodite.

My personal intake on the Iliad was that those two goddesses were the most important and most talked about. First I will talk about the role of Helen in the book. Helen's story is very famous as her story was the one that caused the war of Troy. However, some people believe in very different outcomes. One being that she was stolen by Paris away from her home with Menelaus her husband. And some say that she was in love with Paris and she willingly ran away with him. Nonetheless the way that Homer told it was that she was stolen
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After she was stolen, it hit her and she was heartbroken. But she was also trapped, she was trapped far away from her home and her love. And she was the reason that this war broke out and all these deaths would happen.
After Helen was in Troy with Paris for a few days she was made aware that Paris was fighting Menelaus and no matter how much she longed to be with her first husband, Aphrodite being a very persuasive god made Helen still make love with paris even though she did not want this. Reading these words made me as a reader feel all sorts of ways as Helen was taken advantage of my Aphrodite and Paris. Although Helen was a beautiful woman and such in the Iliad, she was talked about and used as if she was property. She was being fought for my Menelaus and Paris and had no say in this. This fight decided her fate, her life. This outcome would decide who she would stay with, this decided her life. Image being heartbroken and lost and having no say in the outcome of your
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So here it is again portraying Helen as property and nothing but a wife.

This just shows the personality of Aphrodite as she did not love Paris, yet she did enjoy him. She enjoyed playing with his life as if he was marly her favorite piece in a chess game. Some who have heard the story of troy think that Aphrodite was in love with Paris, and maybe had some feelings for this mortal. Yet is it really love to play with a human life as if it meant nothing to you? In some cases Paris was very lucky to have Aphrodite as she had saved him from death many times.

Aphrodite is one of the most favorited goddesses in greek history, she is known as the god of love, beauty and pleasure. She was also recognized as one of the most beautiful women of all time and never failed to know this about herself. In the iliad Aphrodite's love to keep Paris alive was really shown. As when Paris was being attacked and killed by Menelaus she came to his aid and saved him from this fate. Then when she stole him from the fight she placed him back in is house in a room with helen and persuaded Helen to make love with him. Her main goal was to keep Paris happy and safe from any sort of terrible outcome. But this also caused almost every fight Paris had to participate in to be unfair as he had a powerful goddess on his side. This is just a glimpse into how much these two women had an impact

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