Iliad And Day In Greek Mythology

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Every civilisation will have stories which will be transmitted over a long period of time. These stories explains the natural phenomena of that area more than science and archaeologist. Ancient Greece is greatly renowned for its mythical stories. The word myth comes from the Greek word mythos which means a story that deals with the creation of certain things in nature. This essay is an attempt to compare and analyse HOMER’S ILLIAD and TROY, a 2004 movie. Both these are greatly connected to the Greek mythology.
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It starts with the final year of Trojan War. Troy is the place which is now known as Turkey. In the beginning Achilles is seen quarrelling with king Agamemnon over a slave women. Achilles stops fighting due to this issue. But Patroclus, a close friend of Achilles is killed by Hector, son of Priam. It forces Achilles to resume fighting. Before going deep into the Trojan War, let’s look upon the reason for the war.
Helen, the queen of Sparta was the wife of Menelaus. He is brother of Agamemnon. Paris, son of Prium asks Aphrodite to make the most beautiful women in this world to fall in love with him. The most beautiful women in entire Greece Helen, falls in love with Paris. Thus Helen of Sparta becomes ‘Helen of Troy’. She is the reason why a thousand ships are launched across the Aegean Sea for the Trojan War. Small kingdoms unite under king Agamemnon, who promises his brother for revenge. The war continues for nine years without anyone getting proper advantage.

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