Understanding Of Reverse Exchange On Service Sector Based On The Process Of Service Recovery

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Purpose of chapter
This study develops an understanding of reverse exchange in service sector based on the process of service recovery that they received from the service provider. This research goal is to produce the depth data regarding level of understanding people towards reverse exchange for future research.
On the other hand, the purpose of this chapter as below: -
1. To described the research philosophy focus in service sector.
2. To develop research design
3. To propose research method and instrument used
4. To explain the ethical considerations and limitation of this research.
Research design
The reason of doing this research is to introduce the topic into consumer life and knowledge as well as give more understanding to service provider to improve their service from better to excellent performance. There are some aspects need to be considered in conducting this research for instance the sensitivity of an issue in research data (Smith, 2003) and reputation of the service provider need to keep undisclosed.
The research philosophical, researcher will use analytic skills to develop the idea or concept of a research. In qualitative research, it is important to have a strong theory, as it will be prove for research study. Cited by Collis and Hussey in2003, as positivism, observer must be independent enough to identify the explanation and exposed the truth. In addition, this will led to resulting the best research result at the end of the research because positivism…

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