Under Armour Business Strategy Essay

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Organizational Strategy
The rapid success of Under Armour is not a mistake. The company dominates the performance apparel category. According to Founder Kevin Plank, “The mission of Under Armour is to make technically advanced products that are engineered with superior fabric construction, to provide proven innovation available to the masses-aimed at making athletes perform better” (UnderArmour.com). Under Armour uses many marketing initiatives including athlete endorsement, product placement, and popular culture which illustrates the success of Under Armour. Plank's initial plan was to produce a product that would help improve performance by regulating athletes' body temperature, allowing them to keep cool, dry, and light. The
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In today's overcrowded marketplace, creative advertising campaigns include multiple marketing methods, proving more effective than traditional advertising methods (Thomaselli, 2001). People are not sitting through commercials like they used to. Advertisers have had to be creative in the way they communicate with their consumers and how they position their brand. Now more than ever, involvement around the action of the game, in-field signage, or computer enhanced signage has become very valuable. The advertiser must make sure that their brand image can be seen while the game is in play (Thomaselli, 2001). In today’s marketplace, athlete endorsers are used to accomplish several objectives. Some of these objectives being; capture the attention of consumers, increase product attractiveness, reinforce the product’s image, and give the message credibility. The utilization of athlete endorsers is a successful method of marketing because of the desire of young athletes to play sports and act as the professionals act (Stone, Joseph, & Jones, 2003). Under Armour has signed many athletes including; Derrick Williams, second pick in 2011 NBA Draft, Cam Newton, NFL quarterback who won 2010 Heisman Trophy, Tom Brady, NFL quarterback and three-time Super Bowl champion, and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps (Stone, Joseph, & Jones, 2003). Another successful strategy is word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is

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