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Should uniforms be required in schools?

Dominique Groom

English 147

April 13, 2015
Phoenix University

Should uniforms be required in schools

For many years dress code have been a major issue for schools because most students find it hard to follow the rules on what they can wear to school and what they’re not allowed to wear to school. I think that clothing is a major issue when it comes to the education of the students because if a student doesn’t feel comfortable with what they have on it’s going to be hard for that student to pay attention in class. That’s why a lot of parents believe that uniforms should be required in all schools from elementary to high school students. In my opinion I believe that wearing
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Wearing uniforms can prevent students from being judged based on their appearance because everyone will be wearing the same thing. I believe that if students are required to wear uniforms to school they will be accepted for who they are not by what they have. Academically students will perform a whole lot better if they are wearing uniforms. If students are wearing uniforms to school they are able to focus more on their education because they have to worry about feeling uncomfortable because of the clothing they have on. A reduction of violence and behavioral problems; fostering school unity and improving the learning environment; reducing social pressures and leveling status differentials; increasing student self-esteem and motivation; saving money on clothing for their children; improving attendance; and improving academic achievement (p.183). When students are dressed in uniforms they feel closer to their peers and they will open up more to their peers because they don’t have to worry about someone not being friendly to them because of the way they look.

Conclusion I think that uniforms should be required in school because not only are they helping the students but it also helps the parents of the students. Just think about it if students wear uniforms no one will have to worry about being picked

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