Transformational Leadership In The Workplace

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Transformational Leadership: The role of managers as Change leaders.


In this research paper I examine the role of transformational leader and the definition of leadership, what are the differences between leadership and management and what is the role of each side. Moreover ,it is point out how transformational leaders are having impact on the employees and through which different leadership styles can influence them, how can increase their job performance and productivity, enhance their team reflexivity and help them became more innovative.


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Managers often make wrong assumption that because they are the managers, they are also the leaders and that their employees will automatically follow them. In reality, position only promotes only title, not leadership. This report will examine the difference between leadership and management which will be in the introductory part. In order to be an effective leader, the manager must influence his employees in a positive way to manage the goals of the organization. Furthermore, the transformational leadership approach can improve managers in order to be more exceptional leaders. This paper will explain the transformational leadership concept by giving definition of leadership and transformational leadership, analyzing its weaknesses, strengths, and steps for …show more content…
Only in this way they will be able to help his employees improving and developing their skills in order to success the company, in other words leadership is ‘an interactive process in which leaders and followers engage in mutual interaction in a complex environment to achieve mutual goals’ (Levy 2004, cited in Thomas Wren, 1995) .According to Giampetro-Meyer et all 1998, there are three different styles of leadership that can be applied in the workface. These are: Transformational, transactional and servant leadership. However, for a manager to be more effective leader a transformational style of leadership in needed. Transformational or charismatic leaders inspire their followers to accomplish the leader’s clear vision for the company (Giampetro-Meyer et all 1998, cited in Steers and Black, 1994).Moreover ,transformational leaders create self confidence, ability to articulate a vision, a willingness to accomplish a vision even if this him or her high personal risk, and the ability to promote change are the main characteristics of a transformational leader (Giampetro-Meyes et all1998,citied in Steers and Black,

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