Essay Training Program : Information Security Training

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Organizations employ various methods to deploy training programs regarding information security to personnel in efforts to highlight security risks and safeguard organizational information that include instructor-led, web-based, and computer-based training. The first method of educating users on items related to information security topics is that of training conducted by an instructor. The ability of an organization to provide instructor-led training assists in the transference of information security knowledge and provides reinforcement of the topics discussed during training (Karjalainen & Siponen, 2011). To emphasize information security training, the instructor should concentrate training on emphasizing organizational policies and appropriate items that suit the needs of the organization (Puhakainen & Siponen, 2010). It can be argued that a training course taught by a knowledgeable instructor provides a source for students to gain increased insight through the experiences of the instructor. An instructor-led method to education employees provides further reinforcement on specific items related to the organization through question and answer forums (Crews, Cao, Lin, Nunamaker Jr., & Burgoon, 2007).
Web-based training is the next method of educating users, which utilizes technology to deliver educational courses to users through technological methods such as the Internet, World Wide Web, and intranets (Chan & Ngai, 2007; Shaqrah & Husain, 2014). Web-based training may…

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