Training Plan For A Formal Training Program Essay

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At present, Motors and More does not have a formal training program for its employees. Without a formal training plan or employee development framework in place, Motors and More is subject to higher employee turnover and low employee retention. A human resources development plan (HRD) can be utilized by Motors and More to formalize the development of employees to ensure employees have the proper skills and competencies for their roles. An effective HRD plan should address critical areas of employee development including opportunities for employee training, skill development, performance development, succession planning and organizational development.
Training Plan
The Motors and More training should be targeted towards three separate groups, new employees, current employees and management / supervisory personnel. Training plans should be structured to focus on each of the target groups which represent three different audiences. The training plan must initially being with a comprehensive orientation program for new hires. By offering an orientation, Motors and More can help ease the training process by introducing orientation training, which is the planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, co-workers and the organization (Zinni, Mathis and Jackson 2011). An orientation can be advantageous to the company as it may lead to reduced anxiety, better on the job performance, higher productivity in a shorter time, clearer outline of expectations and a…

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