Kevin Howard In The Short Story Orientation By Orozco

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“Orientation” by Orozco: Kevin Howard Everyone throughout their lives have been to at least one or more orientations, ether for school or a new job. “Orientation” by Orozco is a short story of a typical orientation for a new employee. Orientations can be monotonous and tedious, so Orozco decided to use nonrealistic and realistic elements on his short story to ridicule this experience that most of us go through. He also tries to convince us that these characters exist as he delves deep into the lives of these employees. One of the characters in this short story is Kevin Howard. By writing about Kevin Howard, it gave the story a twisted sense that made the story successful and entertaining. Throughout this orientation, the speaker explains the lives of several of the employees. Kevin Howard is the last employee to be described by the speaker because he’s the one with a significant and major issue. Everyone in this story has at least one issue, for example; John Lafontaine uses the woman’s room occasionally, Anika Bloom knows when someone is going to die, and Barry Hacker steals food. These are some of the issues that some of the employees have, but they are not as significant as the issues of Kevin Howard. According to the speaker Howard “is a serial killer, the one they …show more content…
By the end of the story, we as readers feel like we just went through the longest and most complicated orientation ever with an apparent comedic tone. Orozco frequently used comic techniques throughout the orientation especially at the end, “In any case, when Kevin Howard gets caught, act surprised. Say he seemed like a nice person…This is the photocopier room.” Orozco goes from talking about a serial killer to a photocopier room like it was not a big deal at all. He makes it seem as if it doesn’t matter that a serial killer works among them in the

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