Training Needs Assessment : An Organization, Task, And Person Analysis

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There are three different analyses that a “training needs assessment” includes an organization, task, and person analysis. It is very important for an employer to conduct an organizational evaluation so they can first see what is going on in their market to adjust their training accordingly. After that a task analysis is performed on each employee as needed. The results of this will help the company identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAO) of each candidate (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2016). The last analysis that is performed is a personal analysis on an employee. This examination is required to see which personnel need to be instructed more from management, which don’t need additional training, and which that is just not picking up the required skills and training will not benefit. In Maersk’s case study I noticed that they concentrated on managerial expansion. His companies “training needs analysis” was a little unorthodox where they graded their employees performance and the higher arranged were given dividends and the lower ones were assessed further.
The training analysis needed for the CARE Business Partner job posting in Maersk’s company is a task analysis. This will help the company review each applicant and determine who will be right for this particular position. The job post gave a competency assessment, providing potential employees with the attributes that he or she most have to be able to execute what is going to be asked.…

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