Essay on Training and Development

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A project report on training and development in reliance money — Document Transcript * 1. A SUMMER TRAINING PROJECT ON “TRAINING AND DEVLOPMENT”Project Report Submitted By:-Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of the degree of PGDM POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT, AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government Of India, New Delhi SAI BALAJI EDUCATION SOCIETYINTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (W) (IIMHRD) * 2. DECLARATIONI the undersign hereby declare that the project report entitled “Training andDevelopment” written and submitted by me to IIMHRD, Pune in partialfulfillment of the requirement for …show more content…
whose insight helped me tocomplete this * 5. PREFACEThe global economy of the day has endangered the survival of every organization and inparticular those who want to have a competitive edge over the others. The competitiveedge may be a distant dream in the absence of Superior Quality Products which otherwiseis the function of well-trained employees. Today resources are scarce and have to be usedcarefully and trainers of all kinds are required to justify their position and account fortheir activities. Training activities, which are ill directed and inadequately focused, do notserve the purpose of the trainers. The trainees or the organization hence identification oftraining needs becomes the top priority of every progressive organization. Identificationof training needs, if done properly, provides the basis on which all other trainingactivities can be considered and will lead to multi skilling, fitting people to take extraresponsibilities increasing all round competence and preparing people to take on higherlevel responsibility in * 6. CONTENTSTOPICCHAPTER 1: (i)Introduction (ii)Scope and Objectives (iii)Executive SummaryCHAPTER 2: (i)Introduction to Reliance (ii)About the project (iii)Training and Development (iv)Importance of Training (v)Objectives of

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