Topic Sentence Of Advertising

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Topic Sentence:

The purpose of the advertisement ads is to trap people into buying the perfect product that is going to change or made their life easy.

Supporting Point 1: Many people are trick and/or induce into drinking beer through the use of advertisement ads on television or on billboards posted all over the highways.

Details: These advertising have manly men drinking beer and having fun around beautiful women. On the other hand, it shows women as vulnerable, happier, sensual and approachable. Supporting Point 2:

Another advertisement that attract customers is car commercials. Most customers, are falsely lie about how easy is to purchase a car and that the credit is not a problem in obtaining a vehicle.

Details: The
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Details: The model in the Carl’s Jr. commercial is walking in the market store in shorts with a bikini bra eating a delicious and juice hamburger.

Concluding Statement: Overall, what the advertisement is portraying is that in order to be happy or to be successful in life, you need to purchase their products.

Body Paragraph Paragraph #2

Topic sentence: In reality, most ads hypnotized customers into spending their money in their products in order to obtain a more comfortable life, but the reality is that these products are just a mirage.

Supporting point 1: The true, is that most people who are beer drinkers do not look at all as the people in the ads or neither have beautiful women around them.

Details: The reality of life is that most men and/or women who are beer drinkers are overweight and/or antisocial because of the alcohol effect. In addition, the consumption of alcohol triggers on them deviant
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The small letters at the bottom of the ads what most people refuse or deny in reading is what the true is hiding.

Supporting point 3: The majority of people who eat fast food do not look healthy or skinny like the model in the Carl’s Jr. commercial.

Details: Usually, the people who are in these ads never eat at fast food restaurants.

Concluding statement:

The reality is that many customers are trick by these ads into purchasing these products in order to attain happiness, and not caring for the outcome of that decision.

Body paragraph Paragraph #3

Topic sentence: The falsely information of the ads not only affect the customer’s wallets but their health is a high risk to.

Supporting detail 1: The consumption of beer can result in a fatty liver.

Detail: Young adults who are seduce by the ads of beer end up with health problem at young age or death as a result of alcohol poisoning.

Supporting detail

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