Three Reasons Why I Become A Dy Peer Leader

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Explain three reasons why you are interested in becoming a DNY Peer Leader.*

The main reason I am interested in becoming a DNY Peer Leader is due to my love for New York. I spend a lot of my weekends simply adventuring through the city. It is one, if not the, main reason I decided to attend St. John’s. I want other students to be excited about the area they attend college in. And understand that there is a whole world of opportunity out there, even just within New York. Beside this reason, I believe this position is something that will allow me to expand my understanding of New York. Even though I completed the course and have a good amount of knowledge of New York, there is always more for me to learn. This course is something that is unique
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I think as a peer leader I can take steps in the direction of reaching these goals. More so, I believe I can accomplish these goals. As peer leader I will have direct contact with students and have the ability to encourage them. Also, I will broaden my horizons of New York. My professional goals include serving as a leader and being able to use my experiences as a guide. I also desire to have a career that allows me to travel. This position will teach me how to take a job on the go. This means I will not forget that I am doing a job when I am …show more content…
I understand how to get them engaged and working together. These qualifications would contribute greatly to the program because I have learned how to work with first-year students in a group setting. Which is exactly how a DNY Peer Leader will have to interact with their classes. I consider myself to be an understanding, energetic, and loyal person. If I would be given the position, I would give it my all to ensure these students feel that I am there for them. I hope to be a liaison between the student, university, and city.

Please list your major campus and community involvements. Include any awards you have received and any leadership positions you have

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