Advantages Of Lewis Leadership Style

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Lewis leadership styles has 3 effective styles first is the autocratic leadership style which means that the individual who is in charge has all the power on all decisions that are made. In addition, in the autocratic leadership, managers don’t care of the opinion of his employees and they don’t consider the employees opinions or ideas. The autocratic leadership is a one-way decision that will not be changed throughout other people. One of the advantages of this style is the rapidity of decision making. People prefer to be told exactly what to do and where to do it because of all the stress that would be upon them. It is more effective in stressful decisions. The second style that most managers practice is using a participative style they will find that it is a smoother transition for making some changes through the business because the employees will be able to prove to be more receptive to changes. The staff will also respect each other’s contributions forcing them to adjust to the employees to feel empowered in the company. The style also helps the employees with their self- esteem. It allows them to feel like they are part of a bigger plan it shows them that they are more valuable than they think. It should show their skills as …show more content…
When a group of individuals are supposed to deliberate on a problem and possible strategies, they should have a structure and guidance to help them be more effective when deciding on a decision. Another disadvantage of participative style is that they don’t work on every type of workplace environment. This leadership style works best with smaller, skilled force that can provide management for better situations. There must also be a total trust on the part of management as well as employees. People must work closely together about a project that they are all passionate about personality styles will affect it by any

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