The Threats Of Netflix

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We spoke of how Netflix is able to stay on top of their competitions but there are certain threats that could bring Netflix down. Even though Amazon has their customer pay a nominal fee for newer content on movies or shows, they have the rights to bring a television show episode the next day after it has been aired on TV. Such cases are Big Bang Theory, Arrow, and The Flash. Once it has been aired on TV, customers are able to see that same episode where Netflix would have to wait a year before releasing the last season of a television show. Hulu has the same idea as Amazon but it is a free internet site with several advertisements during the show. It was a good way for individuals to backdoor a content as soon as it has been released. Lastly, YouTube has been known for allowing individuals upload almost any content on their YouTube channel. There will be times where these channels will show television shows and movies that may have come out. This was an ultimate back door for individuals who choose not to pay for any fees or monthly subscriptions. Now the CEO of YouTube has change that policy to pay as you watch movies to stream movies and television shows.
Vision, Mission, and Objective
Netflix Vision to change the way people access and view their
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With Reed Hastings leading the charge, Netflix was able to capitalize on the internet and subscription based system that help create and innovate the plans of what we see today and the future of tomorrow. In the year 2002, Netflix had only about 500,00 members in the United States to about 60 million viewers worldwide by the end of 2014. A huge influx of members in a little over a decade of time. Hastings had a vision due to a late fee of Apollo 13 movie and has not lost that vision. It could be said that Netflix has truly change the way families and individuals view their favorite movies and television shows at the comfort of their own

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