Direct Tv Vs Netflix Pros And Cons

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In today’s society, people demand the best on the market when it comes to entertainment, and one of America’s favorite forms of entertainment is watching television. Two very popular services offered are Direct TV and Netflix, and both have proved to satisfy their customers in some way or another, but at different costs. In fact, when it comes to television entertainment, families spend their money unwisely without pondering the pros and the cons of each service. With no doubt, Netflix is the choice that doesn’t hurt the customers’ wallets. People who often watch television need more variety, and Direct TV is a National satellite company which offers local and cable channels, movies, sports, TV series and reality shows. The programs are up to date, but played repeatedly, so it is likely to run on those watched the night before, or the week before for instance. In addition to that, the frequent and annoying advertisement interruptions are a downside. In contrast, Netflix is a company which requires an internet connection, and it doesn’t have commercial interruptions. Moreover, …show more content…
However, after that timeline, the company begins to charge extra fees for some channels. In other words, if the buyers want to keep the basic package at the starting price, they have to rely on Pay-Per-View options to view newer programs. In addition to that, Direct TV comes with a two year contract with expensive cancellation fees. Contrarily, Netflix has a flat monthly fee of $7.99, with no need to sign up for additional services. The company gives to the subscribers a wide selection of material by browsing through the entire library. Even better, the subscription allows to watch Netflix on portable devices, as long as a Wi-Fi connection is available. Moreover, Netflix allows its consumers to cancel the subscription plan at any time without extra

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