Mcdonaldization In George Ritzer's The Mcdonaldization Of Society

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Christopher Rivers
DeVry University

McDonaldization Let’s take a few seconds to think about how McDonaldization has made your life better. For example; online shopping, self-checkout, online education, communication, and even the way we travel. Even though McDonaldization costs thousands of people their jobs, McDonaldization helps businesses thrive because it’s far less expensive, with more control means there’s fewer human errors, and more is done in lesser time.
McDonaldization is a term use by sociologist, George Ritzer in his book titled The McDonaldization of Society (1993). In his book, Ritzer describes the sociological phenomenon happening in our society that has greatly impacted globalization -
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It also refers to the use of robots and technology to reduce or replace human employees wherever possible. Control is extremely important because it eliminates human error, but it is one of great controversy. No matter how skilled a person is, human error is inevitable. People often drop the ball on important tasks and are bound to make mistakes from time to time. In McDonalds’ case, by replacing human cooking with machines to calculate every small element, including the size of the meat in a hamburger and the period-of-time it takes to cook on one side, McDonald's ensures that everything tastes the same every time; which again, is great for the consumer ("What is McDonaldization Theory?", 2018).
The replacement of humans with machines for control is seen in almost every sector, from our business to our homes, like the assembly lines in factories. The downside to this is, by making tasks repetitive and controlled, employers force the employees not to think, thus maintaining control over them. This has led to the inhibition of the variations in society and made us dependent on the very things that McDonaldization creates ("What is McDonaldization Theory?",
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Going to the movie theater can be a stressful and expensive experience. The tickets are expensive, the snacks are way too overpriced, you’re not guaranteed great seating, and you may end up sitting next to a crying baby. Netflix is efficient because it allows us to watch a movie in the comfort of our home and avoid the whole movie theatre fiasco. It is predictable because each month, you receive a bill at the same price, which is cheaper than a movie ticket. There are a variety of tv shows, documentaries, and movies of any kind to search and choose from. Netflix is controllable because it can be watched on multiple devices such as your phone and laptop. And if you want the whole movie experience, just hook up your device to a projector and

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