Essay about Thomas Hobbes 's Philosophy Of Mind And Body Problem

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When talking about dualism in Philosophy of mind we recognize is the theory that the mental and the physical are in sense different from one another. John Searle is an American philosopher who states that there is no more a mind and body problem. He is careful to maintain that the domain of experience and understanding is autonomous. Meaning that it has no counterpart on microlevel. But as we already know not everyone thinks in the same way, like Renè Descartes who believed that the mind makes an effort to take control over the brain and is the principal seat of the soul and place where all of our thought are being formed.
George Berkeley created the theory called immaterialism on which it denies the existence of material substances and instead refers to that familiar object like tables and chairs, that are only ideas of the mind. As a result it cannot exist without being perceived. Thomas Hobbes who 's reputation relies on his political philosophy, lived at a time where many people questioned traditional beliefs, and he did as well. He first started by doubting everything it’s rationally possible to doubt and though that perhaps we will eventually see the reality.
Materialism claims that reality consist of physical objects and their components which can in some how conflict the views of a determinist position seeing as determinist believe that all actions and events are determined and will happen somehow. If things are physical it does not necessarily mean they are…

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