Ads R Us Analysis

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In Clair Carmichael’s novel, Ads R Us, she explores many different themes such as body image, manipulation, privacy, trust and self love. This paper will venture the concepts and ideas of body image and trust and comment on their influence of teens and youth of the modern world. The following paragraphs will show the links between the book and the real world. This includes the following points of popularity, body standards, plastic surgery and Acantha in the book on the concept of body image. It will also show the subjects of Kara, Adrian, Taylor and Barret on the concept of trust.

Popularity is explored in many ways on the topic of body image. “‘Being a contestant on Ugly-D would be so great. You get a complete makeover from head to toe, and everybody watches the show, so you end up famous. And the winner, the Teen Queen, gets to star in a movie, guaranteed.’” (Ads R Us, 2006. P. 4). Taylor’s idea of being popular is going on Ugly-D to become better looking. Regarding this, popularity is often thought of as being pretty and good looking. The assumed idea is that if you look good, you have more friends and instantly gain popularity. Similarly, in the real world it is often thought of in the same way. However, this idea is run down by many, causing many people to think that it is personality and actions that should make people
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“‘Gabi’s always saying her nose is too big. She'd jump at a chance to have a new one for nothing…I'd like longer legs.’” (Ads R Us, 2006. P. 3). On this page, she is stating that she doesn't like her legs. It is mentioned later on in the book that Barret says that looks aren't everything. It's obvious that Taylor does not agree with Barret’s statement. In the real world, many are fixated on body image and many celebrities get plastic surgery to apply to the worlds body standards. Many celebrities deny having any plastic surgery to appear as a figure of natural

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