The Young Teenager Mark Smith Essay

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Computers- machines that seem so complicated on how they work to many people, yet to the young teenager Mark Smith they are simple and give him the power to do absolutely anything! Mark Smith is a 16 year old teenage boy currently a junior in high school. Like most other students, Mark doesn 't care for school so much, but Mark’s dislike for school is much greater. At every school there are different groups or types of people. There are the popular ones, geeks, jocks, etc. Mark doesn’t fall into any of the groups in his school because he has maybe 2 friends who he would talk to once a week at most. He doesn 't participate in sports or any other activity and sits in class focused on his computer. Every class he is in he is always kicked out at least once for failure to participate in class due to the deep focus on his computer work. Yet Mark still manages to hold a perfect 4.0 for every year he has been at school. He was constantly bullied and made fun of for being a geek or nerd, having no friends, and being weird. Mark never fought back though; he just kept doing what he was doing and took it in. Not even a tear or facial change would happen when he was bullied.

Marks family life is not much better either. He is the son of Mary and Tom Smith and is a brother to John. John is also in high school and is in the same grade as well, yet they go to different schools. Mark and John never got along when they were young. They would always be in fights and always be found hurting…

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