The Writing Of High School Essay

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After six years away from the writing process coming back and writing essays seemed like a task destined to fail. In high school my writing was, as far as I remember, excellent. I can recall receiving a writing assignment and completing it effortlessly without a single problem. However, when I entered this class that ease to completion was gone. Throughout the semester I have struggled with sentence structure and punctuation but have learned new and interesting ways to revise and correct those mistakes. Although I can’t quite say that writing is once again effortless for me I can say it is a task I can succeed at again. In high school English was my easiest subject. I can recall receiving an essay prompt and being able to immediately know what I was going to write about. Pre-writing exercises such as outlines and ven diagrams seemed pointless. A rough draft was all the prewriting I did. Revising was effortless as well, my sister would revise it then myself and that was all that was needed. When the teacher demanded to see some sort of prewriting I would actually do that at the very end. A made up outline or ven diagram would serve as my proof that I had indeed thought things through before writing. This ease of writing and editing has since faded in the 6 years since I left high school and stopped writing on a regular basis. When we received our first assignment I thought I would be able to do what I used to do in high school. I was wrong. Even on such a simple prompt as…

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