The Worst Memory Of All Essay

2053 Words May 14th, 2016 9 Pages
Dark looming trees seemed to appear out of nowhere as I walked towards my destination. Every last cell in my body screamed at me not to enter the forest, but I knew I must. It was the only way to get my family back. I was the last one; my mother and sisters taken away, my father dead. But my brother was still with me, pale and gaunt, but still there. I tried to stop thinking, about them, and about everything. It was haunting to know I was the last one left until I could find my mother. The constant thoughts in my mind gave me nightmares, even during the day. I could flash back to the dark times at any instant. My brother would try to calm me down, but I would swat at him, only to feel thin air when my palm met his skin. The worst memory of all was always the one my thoughts would wander into and I would shudder at even the mention of the event. The men who came into our village shouted in a language that I couldn’t understand. They shoved us and killed the ones who fought back. Our houses were burnt to the ground and our church was raided for gold. I remember holding tightly to my mother’s side as everyone was pushed together as a group in the street. An old man knew the language the invaders spoke and told us that they were evil people who knew no mercy. The men split our group, women and children to one side, men to the other. I watched as they decided which of the men were strong enough to work and which weren’t. My father had been ill for a very long time, so he was…

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