Essay on The World 's History With Crunch Time

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As a leader in the games industry it is our responsibility to take a stand against the exploitative and unethical and unsustainable practices of “crunch time.” Forcing employees to work excessive amounts of overtime because of approaching deadlines with no additional financial compensation is bad for employees and the industry alike. It is my duty as President of Electronic Arts to put the health of my employees first. This remains true even when there are voices within the industry who believe crunch time is acceptable.
EA’s History with Crunch Time
Crunch time in video games industry refers to workweeks of longer than 60 hours, often in the attempt to meet an approaching deadline (Schultz). Crunch time happens for two reasons:
1. Inflexible Schedules
2. Inflexible Publishers
Electronic Arts has, in the past received negative media attention for our crunch time practices. In 2004, Erin Hoffman, a spouse of one of our employees wrote a blog post detailing the conditions our employees are subjected to during crunch time.
Crunch Time is Unethical
Crunch time is unethical for the following reasons:
• It deprives employees of a healthy work life balance
• It fails to adequately compensate workers for their additional hours
The game industry is disproportionately affected by crunch time. Developers are often apprehensive to speak up because they know there are dozens of people who would love to have their position—many who enter into the gaming industry do so because of a deep…

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