The Work Of The Field Service Essay

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The Work Given.

In the work I do “Field Service” we have a series of documents we follow that are developed by specific professionals, depending on a specific product line we are assigned. Some of these documents are develop to help us track safety, work progress, and cost. These documents are just guidelines based on previous experience in the dewatering industry, such as waste water sites, industrial waste water, and drinking water. My company is a global provider in this field the company I work for has development specific documents that are designed to help make the job performance of each employee to be that much smoother and more organized. These documents help us remember and appreciate what’s really important to us. Ensuring each employee is going back to his or her families in one piece and giving the customer one top notch service.
In this career we develop different types of professional demeanors, such as the salesmen. In this we manage the essential skill sets to get the customer to buy into our aftermarket parts we provide. The other is being a professional organizer, here we spend hours researching previous trip reports to the customer site, talking to engineers, and going over the scope of work with the project manager. Once we have research this information we start piecing together a game plan design to influence the customer into strategic part buying. That are needed to either fix a problem or address a possible problem that could occur in the future.…

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