The White Man 's Road Is Easier ! Essay

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“The White Man’s Road is Easier!”: A Hidatsa Indian Takes up the Ways of the White Man in the Late 19th century, in this document the American Indian, Goodbird believes that his life is harsh and the white man’s life is simpler. He promotes this argument when comparing the federal government policies that managed the plight of American Indians. The article was written by Edward Goodbird after the passage of the Dawes Act in 1887. It provides insight as to the nature of what American Indians faced when their land and property was improperly seized by European settlers. The time came when we had to forsake our village at Like-a-fish-hook Bend, for the government wanted the Indians to become farmers (Goodbird, 1985). The federal government arbitrarily decided to divide American Indian’s land, while Goodbird insists that this move to allot their land was acceptable and made life easier, there is evidence to support the theory. Many Native Americans struggled to adapt to the ways the federal government outlined, Goodbird believed that the governing body or white men had easier or peaceful life challenges. He acknowledged that the shift of culture was tough. Many American Indians struggled to adapt to the new ways of life being dictated to them (Goodbird, 1985). Goodbird shows the relocating duties that American Indians endured in order to submit to the new way of civilization provided by the federal government. The document details that the agent gave his family a wagon,…

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