The Violence Of Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality

There has been many deaths and major injuries because of police brutality. although, in todays world the police officers are trained a certain way to deal with certain types of crime. On October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation was organized to stop police brutality from becoming a serious issue. Honestly if it wasnt for the media we wouldn 't know about the police brutality incidents, but they tend to over exaggerate the incidents that occur. Today 's media over exaggerates the police brutality incidents.

One way the media bashes the police, is that they were taught too brutal of ways in their training that was provided by the state. Even though, the police can over use their power of authority, they have a job to do, and if they are scrutinized because they are trying to do their job and protect their lives, then the media has to say how bad they really are, and how they need to be prosecuted. In one of many misfortunes, Michael Brown’s case was widely open to the public. And then the media has to immediately jump to the conclusion that this all happened because he was black. But what wasn 't told to the public is that Michael Brown reached for the officer 's gun, and then charged the officer. Then in that moment the police officer had the choice to defend himself or be seriously injured. Some people may say he did all of these things, because he is a cop and abuses his powers toward black…

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