Essay on The Violence Of Honor Killings

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Violence of honor killings is a custom in which both men and women are killed if they are suspected of having relations outside of a marriage. These killings are usually done by a male member of the family. The killings are usually done in order to fix the reputation of the family. Based on the custom, a person who gets involve in a relationship outside of a marriage is bringing disgrace on the family. These honor killings do not allow people the freedom of choosing who they want to marry. Instead, they are being placed into arrange marriages. Honor killings are very prevalent in the country of Pakistan. Additionally, Pakistanis do not believe in going against honor killings regardless of its vile actions. Culture and tradition plays a big part in influencing and reinforcing society’s knowledge of violence against women. More awareness is being shed on the issues, and people are starting to reject and fight back, and women are speaking out. We are reminded everyday of women struggles through their constant fight for equality with the formation of laws that provides them with an equal opportunity as men. This includes their fight for their right to vote, their right to be equal in the work place, and laws against people that discriminate against women and the constant fight for proper health care and a right to a higher education. More and more movements are being created where women are no longer tolerating being addressed by cat callings, or being looked down upon on the…

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