The Usage Of Slogans For Advertising Essay

1000 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 null Page
The usage of slogans is commonly practiced among advertisers. Slogans are short and catchy phrases. These slogans impact a customer 's outlook on a product or brand. It causes them to begin associating certain qualities with the product and also leaves a good impression on the brand or company (Sutherland and Sylvester 10). For instance the slogan Walmart has, "Save money. Live Better." would make people think about prices and how some companies, like Walmart, might actually be offering better deals. The slogans are upbeat and include positive statements such as "live better" which give off a pleasant feeling. Most importantly these phrases are memorable allowing consumers to remember and differentiate various products and brands. All of these characteristics of a slogan can make consumers favor the product or company being advertised. Another way advertisements appeal to consumers is with the people used in them. An advertisement may either include a famous person or a person that resembles the consumer. When a celebrity is in an advertisement it automatically grabs the attention of viewers, especially those who are their fans. The celebrities presence will help spread awareness faster since their followers will be interested in and look into what they are promoting. More often than not the people that admire the celebrities also want to be like them which leads to their purchasing of the product that the celebrity they love is endorsing. Fans would like to eat the same…

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