The University Of Montana 's School Of Business Administration Enhances Lives And Benefits Society By Providing A World Class

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The University of Montana’s School of Business Administration enhances lives and benefits society by providing a world-class business education in a supportive, collegial environment. This mission is accomplished by acting on shared core values of creating significant experiences, building relationships, teaching and researching relevant topics, behaving ethically, and inspiring individuals to thrive. This school support undergraduate students within six majors: accounting, finance, management information systems, international business, management, and marketing. SoBA Advising strives To assist students with (1) understanding the University, its organization, policies, procedures, and resources; (2) developing life and career goals and selecting a major; (3) practicing independent, responsible decision-making; and (4) successfully completing the undergraduate degree with plans for the future. We serve sophomore, junior and senior business students and business freshmen who transfer to UM with 12 or more college credits.
Business Problem

There are current issues surrounding the effectiveness and redundancies within group advising sessions as well as the overall quality of SoBA advisory services currently offered to both students and faculty.

Desired Impact

The goal of this project is to facilitate the remodeling of the current advising model by eliminating the traditional group advising component. This will be achieved through developing the Moodle-based…

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