The United States Of The Korean War Essay

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On June 25th, 1950 the Korean War began when North Korea invaded South Korea with about 75,000 initial soldiers. The war was being fought over communism, the simple idea that the South Koreans despised and the American government wanted to stop from spreading. The American government feared a so called domino effect which was the spreading of communism to any country near the founding country. For this reason the United States of America was willing to go to war, in July of 1950 the American military entered Korea to aid the South and protect their government. The American people were very reluctant to get into another war following the result of World War II. The men who were serving our country were short in numbers and most questioned their involvement in the war itself. They felt this was not their war to fight. (Clark, Page 248).
At the start of the Korean War the American people were under the command of Harry S. Truman. Truman felt that it was upon the American people they stop the spread of communism and some Americans felt this was not their countries duty. Service men feared that they were going to be giving their lives for a pointless cause. Truman had many Generals serving for him in the different branches of the military. General Douglas MacArthur was a well awarded General in the United States Army. His acts in World War II made him a leader that both the troops and the other leaders trusted. MacArthur would later impact the Korean War in a major way.…

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