The 1950s: A Changing Point Of The United States

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The 1950’s was the start of a changing point for the United States. We were still recovering from the second World War and many things had changed for the United States, things like relations with the Soviet Union. Not only that but things within the United States were changing very rapidly also. The 1950’s was seen as a high point in the United States history, just like the 1920’s were. Many things happen within the 50’s. One of the most famous events from the 1950’s started in the year 1950, the Korean War, it lasted from 1950 to 1953. The United States became involved with this war due to their policy of Communism Containment. This policy really came about when the American-Soviet relations became uneasy, and they worried about the spread …show more content…
To make sure these students were not allowed in Governor Faubus used the National Guard to block their way in. Infuriated by the Governor’s actions, President Eisenhower sent in the Federal Troops to override the National Guard and allow the nine African American students to attend the high school. Though slavery had been ended many years before many African Americans were not seen as equal at this point and many places were segregated. Though the 1920’s had their own issues to deal with though they were not near the extent of those issues in the 1950’s. The 20’s was one of the highest points in American history. America has had many ups and downs but considering the 1950’s to be high point would be much of an exaggeration. The 1950’s was filled with conflicts upon conflicts. Though the 1950’s was not necessarily one of the greatest decades, it was a changing point for all American people for centuries to come. This decade was filled with starting points of really bringing the country together, which did not really happen in the

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