The United States Constitution And The Constitution Essay

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The United States Constitution was found on September 17, 1787. In 1787 the leaders of the United States of America assembled together to write the Constitution. The Constitution is important for a number of reasons, primarily because it is the document that founded our government. It was ratified by each state in the name of "The People". The Constitution is a set of principles that explains how the new nation should and would be governed. This foundation has crafted this country over decades of years and it was what forms the United States. What is amazing about this is because we are still using the same exact document to run our country. The constitution is important because it outlines all of the people’s rights as citizens. It gives us a complete list of all the things that we can or can’t do, and the rights that we have. The United States Constitution and amendments gives the protection to every citizen. It formed an outline for the United States Government and to the relationship of citizens and individuals of United States. In this essay, I would be comparing and contrasting the three branches of government and explain which one I believe is the strongest out of the three.
The founding fathers wanted a strong but fair government where everybody can be equal. However they wanted to protect the people’s freedoms and prevent the government from abusing their power. They believed they could achieve this by having three different branches of government which each had…

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