The United State 's History Essay

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Women throughout the United State’s history have often been portrayed as uneducated, and whilst in the early parts of the conglomeration of the United States, the focus on education wasn’t a key player for continued growth, this changed with the institutionalization of primary schools and higher education facilities becoming more common after 1850. For Washington our big educational revolution came during the inaugural speech from our first governor, Isaac Stevens, in which he stated, “The subject of education already occupies the minds and hearts of the citizens of this Territory, and I feel confident that they will aim at nothing less than to provide for a system which shall place within the means of all the full development of the capacities with which each has been endowed. Let every youth, however limited his opportunities, find his place in the school, the college, [or] the university…I will also recommend that Congress be memorialized to appropriate land for a university.” This is how the University of Washington got its start. The University of Washington has a very long and confusing history. Many parts of which have been lost, some to the Great Seattle Fire, others to clerical errors and the like. Yet it still stands proud in its place as one of the best educational facilities for both medicine and scientific research in the world. Though, the University wouldn 't be where it is today without the assistance of many passionate women.
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