Modernity In Arthur Miller's Escaping Salem

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History is the story of our existence. Always evolving, human beings have become the dominant species on the planet. With that power and knowledge, it's shaped our society, country, our world in to what it is today. When studying Modernity, historians have been able to find the edge of when that began. It originated in the 1750's. Now during this time America, wasn't quite America. Being controlled by the Europeans and the King was ultimately a crucial factor for creating our country. With the age of enlightenment, Modernity was born. Individuals thinking for themselves, and breaking free from "tradition", allowed them to escape in to another life; a better life.
The societal differences before and after the enlightenment, drastically oppose
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It was the first time the people could think for themselves not being controlled by this higher power. As time went on, humans demanded an explanation as to who this ‘God” was. They primarily could not comprehend nature, and therefore assumed it was associated with the Devil. These witch trials convey premodern ideas as people could not think individually. Eventually, with very little evidence to actually accuse people for practicing witchcraft, the trials ended. The effects of the trials however, changed New England forever. After these trials, it shifted our legal system in to fair and efficient ways.
In the text, it discusses how the trials are unlawful and unmoral. The King opposed these upon these people for “violating their covenant with God”. This excerpt goes into depth about the lives of humans and that they are much more valuable and individually, should be able to
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They are controlled by God and by their religion. Even with these historical breakthroughs and changes we still see elements from the past. Modernity is this idea that came from the Enlightenment and the Enlightenment showed us the value of what we are worth. Human beings control the world with their ideas, knowledge, and power. With that, our species is responsible for maintaining the planet. Influenced by the events that preceded us, our world is forever changing. Instinctively survival is the most crucial part. Inevitably our species will become extinct. Unknowingly humans as a species are digging their own grave because of the instinctive decisions we make. The witch trials showed not only our country, but the world, that humans as individuals matter, and our voices matter. With that idea, we have more rapidly evolved in the last 400 years as opposed to the last hundreds of thousands of years. Once modernity was born, individuals excelled at a much quicker pace, learning and experiencing and thinking on their own, which led to not only a more efficient Society to live in, but a more bearable

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