Compare And Contrast Mccarthyism And Salem Witch Trials

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The fear that swept Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 was like a plague. Thousands of men, women, and children were put on trial for supposed witchcraft. Many innocent people were actually killed during these events. Everyone was on their toes about the mass of events happening in Salem. The Salem Witch Trials were unfair, odd, and caused way too much confusion.
The trials were very odd considering the history behind it. Witchcraft began making its appearance around 560 B.C., although it wasn’t such a big problem back then. According to St. Augustine witches had no real power. He stated “neither Satan nor witches had supernatural powers or were capable of effectively invoking magic of any sort. It was the “error of the pagans” to believe in “some
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McCarthyism suspected people of being communists, where Salem accuses people of being witches. Those suspected of being communists were blacklisted. Those suspected of witchcraft were put on trial. McCarthyism was mainly directed on Hollywood stars and directors. The communists and the Soviet Union were the ones that were feared. The witches were feared in Salem. People were scared to go against McCarthy because then others would consider them a communist. No one was afraid to go up against the witches and get them to get out. Over 320 people were accused of being communists and trying to overthrow the government. Tens of thousands of people were accused of being witches and many were killed. The leader of McCarthyism, Joseph McCarthy, was a government official, which is probably the reason why most people were afraid to go against him. There was really no leader of the witch trials, although Abigail Williams accused many people of being witches, which kind of makes her the …show more content…
So many people would be against it, but you got to do what’s necessary to keep everything in order. All of this started because some kids were acting strange. If someone accused someone else of being a witch because of the way they act, they would be discriminated against. People would say that they are “special” or something like that. You probably couldn’t make excuses like that back then though since things were obviously completely different. Eventually the colony admitted that the trials were a mistake and apologized to the families of those convicted. The original documents of the trials are, and always have been, kept at the Peabody Essex Museum (since 1799). The Salem Witch Trials were definitely odd, unfair, and very

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