Why Is The Salem Witch Trials Important In American History

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Despite what some people believe, the Salem Witch Trials are an important part of American history because innocent people lost their lives, it could have been prevented, and something similar could happen again if people aren't careful. The trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. It wasn’t until 3 years after the trials had ended, that the Massachusetts court declared that what had happened was unlawful and took steps to make it better. These trials have been a popular topic of research and discussion for decades, often described as the most known events in American history. During this short amount of time, more than 170 people were tried and 20 were executed.

All of this began when three girls started to act out. They would violently thrashing and claiming to be in awful pain. Other behaviors included random screaming, “barking,” and spastic fits. They eventually went to a doctor who, after hours of consideration, said they were bewitched. Soon after, this same thing started to happen to many other girls in the village. However, this was not the first time witchcraft had made an appearance in the time of the puritans. Just 30 years prior, America’s first witch hunt broke out in Connecticut due to the sudden passing of an eight year old girl. People had also been accusing and executing supposed witches from as early on as the 1620’s.

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It’s plain to see that there were many citizens being wrongly punished. There were also plenty of ways that these events could have come to an end sooner, or maybe even have never happened. Salem’s trials are not the only example of how bigotry can have communal consequences, but they are an important piece of history to remember. These events showed that even a small society can create issues for a government or

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