Causes Of The Salem Witch Trial

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The Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts from 1692 until 1693. This event would cause the small puritan community to be on edges. The cause for this madness were wild accusations of a witch being in the midst of the community. The reason for this belief of witches was sparked when these two young girls related to the priest Samuel Parris, started to act bizarre in 1692. It was said that the Doctor believed the cause of the little girls behaviors were from something supernatural. This sparked a major uproar and a trend of accusations to cause the Salem Witch Trials. The problem with this trial was that there was too many finger pointing. You could be called a witch for anything that looked suspicious. I blame the courts because …show more content…
The first three people that were accused was Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne. These three were easy to blame they were different from everyone in the puritan society. Good was a beggar, Osborne was elderly and bed written, and Tituba was a slave. To make matters worse for them, these three ladies did not attend church. There reason for accusing Good, Tituba, And Osborne of being a witch would not stand in the courtroom today. “Many Accounts of the hysteria claims that Tituba often told witch stories and spells to the girls while she was working. However, this idea does not have much historical merit. Sarah Good was often seen begging for food. She was quick to anger and muttered under her breathe. Many people believed these mutterings to be curses that she was placing upon them. Sarah Osborne had already been marked as an outcast when she married her indentured servant.” These accusations should have not been strong enough to determine if it was an act of witchcraft. There was not enough witnesses to say Tituba was telling witch stories. The same goes for Good no one actually heard what came out of her mouth, they only assumed she cursed people. Osborne never gave the people a reason that she was a witch. She was just different from all the puritans and kept her distance which she had the right to do. These three females were never caught participating in any form of …show more content…
With the problems that were happening with the court system it showed throughout the community. It took almost an entire year for them to realize that they were wrongfully convicting and executing people. The worst part of the witch trials is many of them new that they were wrongfully accusing people but was too afraid to stand trial or do something about it. “Samuel Sewall, one of the judges issued a public confession of guilt and apology.” After the witch trials was over many of the judges and jury came out expressing how they were guilty of convicting and executing people. Majority of the puritans realized that they were wrong but by then it was too late twenty people had already been killed. The rest were freed when the court realize that the evidence brought against the accused was unsubstantial. The courts stop allowing spectral evidence and this caused the trials to end. “Salem should warn us to think hard about how to best safe guard and improve our system of justice.” Throughout the entire Salem Witch Trials there was never one case that had actual evidence to back that there was a witch in the Salem

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