Julius Caesar Cruel

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Panicking Seems Like a Good Answer
“Et tu, Brute? Then fall Caesar.” (pg 863). In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar took over the triumvirate and became a single ruler of all of Rome. He then started to turn into a tyrant, causing the Conspirators group to be created. This group was formed so Caesar could be killed. They then strategically planned a court case to occur, and everyone would be around Caesar at the same time, allowing them to have an opportunity to stab him. Once this crime was committed, craziness broke out in Rome. A civil war was started, several people became power hungry, and the craziness just ended up killing a lot of people. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar was assassinated,
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Antony was creating a list of all the people who could get in the way of him becoming the leader of Rome. Feeling like he needed power over Rome, Antony became power hungry. He was willing to kill anyone who got in his way, if it meant that he could be the leader. Also, he would let other people kill Brutus, so he really wouldn’t have any competition. The greedier he became, the crazier things he was willing to do. Greed led to Antony wanting more power, causing him to escalate the craziness in
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A civil war broke out soon after Caesar was killed, and it was to find a new leader in a just way. The country was already falling apart, and the so-called government wasn’t helping. They realized that something needed to be done to keep the country from continuing to downfall. Because of this, Antony and Octavius joined together to create an alliance, and Brutus and Cassius did the same thing. The war then started, the two pairs fighting against each other. They thought it was going to be a fair way to find a new leader, but all in all, it just put them right back where they started. Cassius and Brutus were killed in battle, leaving Antony, with Octavius by his side, in charge once again. “Free from bondage you are in, Messala; the conquerors can but make a fire of him for Brutus only overcame himself, and no man else hath honor by his death.” (pg. 911). This quote was said after Brutus was killed and when Octavius realized that he would be the new “assistant leader” of Rome. It then hit everyone that Antony would continue to rule over Rome, which could be good or could be bad. The civil war broke out in the first place because the government realized that they needed a new leader to calm the craziness, which in a way they did find a new leader. Antony wasn’t new to the leader position, but he was put there in a fair way, causing the country to be okay with the decision. The war solved

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