Julius Caesar As A Tragic Hero

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Tragic Hero Essay
In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus is a tragic hero. A tragic hero is someone of noble birth who suffers a catastrophe. Brutus experiences both of those things. Julius Caesar is a story full of betrayal and surprises. Brutus is a good man who thinks that he is working with other honorable men but is surprised that they are not what he expects and that is what makes Brutus a tragic hero. He has to make choices that not only affect him but the rest of Rome.
In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare uses traditional elements to write the story. One of them being a tragic flaw. A tragic flaw is a pride made decision that affects the choices made by the hero, leading to the catastrophe. Shakespeare focuses more
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Brutus makes some negative decisions that he thinks will help him and the other conspirators but it does not turn out that way. The first decision that Brutus makes that turns out to be a mistake is not killing Antony when they killed Caesar. Brutus did not want to kill anyone else without good reason. He thought that Antony would back down after Caesar was gone. He thought that Antony was nothing without Caesar. Brutus made a wrong decision because that was not the case. Antony stepped up and took control, becoming a leader. In act three Antony starts talking to the crowd about Caesar’s love for them “ Why, friends, you go to do you know not what: Wherein hath Caesar thus deserved your loves?” (III.ii.236-237). This quote shows Antony getting the crowd angry after saying all that Caesar has done for them. The next mistake Brutus made making him a tragic hero was allowing Antony to speak at the Funeral. This was a bigger mistake than he realized. Antony was allowed to speak if he spoke after Brutus, at the same podium. When Antony spoke he was civil but purposely got the crowd revved up. He said things that he knew would make them mad. Getting the crowd angry was all apart of his plan. “ Brutus insisted that they should only act with strict justice, and he also held out hope that Antony might undergo a change of heart” (Simmons, 64). The last mistake that Brutus made was …show more content…
He wanted to keep Rome the same like his ancestor fought for it to be. He thought that by killing Caesar people would agree with him, that it was a smart decision. The outcome was very different. Octavious ended up Emperor and Rome became a Monarchy. This was so different than Brutus had hoped. Brutus probably expected himself to be alive to see it and he was not even there. He did not expect Portia to commit suicide let alone himself to commit suicide. Brutus’s decisions turned out different than he

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