Julius Caesar: Tragic Hero

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This essay is about The tragedy of Julius Caesar. It was written by William Shakespeare. This story is about a tragic flaw. Brutus is the tragic hero. The author is william shakespeare.
Brutus is part of the noble family. This can be proven because junius brutus is brutus's uncle. junius brutus is important because he overthrew the tyrannical kings. Also after he overthrew the tyrannical kings he started a democracy for Rome. Brutus is the one who suffers a catastrophe in the Tragedy of julius caesar.His catastrophe is that he was the only one that killed caesar for a good reason, and that the conspirators made him think they were doing it for a good reason, but they were only doing it out of greed."and let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood
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His first mistake was letting Antony talk at the exact place that he did his speech. His speech was how Caesar was ambitious, That he just want total power of rome when he would become dictator. That caesar was taking everything for himself , and being greedy. This was a mistake , because when Antonty spoke he disproved brutus's opinion by giving good examples of why caesar is not ambitious. An example is how caesar was offered the crown but turned it down every time. The people of rome see that brutus was wrong and they turn against him.The second mistake he made was when he didn’t kill Antony. This is a mistake because Antony was caesar’s right hand man and would continue where caesar left off. If he would of killed Antony, Antony wouldn’t be able to speak against Brutus, or become the power of rome. If Brutus would of done it none of this would of happened. His third mistake was when he didn't listen to cassius about staying back in battle, letting his troops rest. This is a mistake because it gives the other side time to rest and make a game plan. This also tires out his army. If he would of listened to Cassius, his men would be ready for battle and they would of had time to make a better strategy for war. And it would then be in his home territory and he would know the way around it. If brutus would of lived through the war he would of saw that he could of won the war and kept rome a democracy, but he thought / knew he was losing so he …show more content…
He decides to kill Caesar.He make this decision to keep rome under a democracy rule. The problem is his plan Fails to work. After he kills Caesar,and the war is over Antony picks up where caesar left off.Antony came in power and turned Rome into a dictator rule. This was what Brutus was trying to avoid by killing Caesar. He could of totally avoided it if he had killed Antony after killing Caesar.
The conclusion of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Brutus was the tragic hero of this play. He had tragic flaws and mistakes. He should of listened when he didn’t. He should of done some things differently, and if he would of rome would not of fall into the rule of a dictator. Brutus thought that he has failed and killed

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