The Town Movie Analysis

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“The Town” is a film that released in september 17,2010. Ben Affleck , who stars as Doug Macray, is a lifetime criminal who leads a gang of bank robbers that are extremely good at what they do. Everything is going well until Doug finds himself falling in love with Claire Keesey, a bank manager, whom Doug's crew took hostage during one of their heists. In this film the hero and the villain aren't who you would think they'd be. As you're watching the film you find yourself rooting for the team of bank robbers who in all reality should be the “bad guys”. Ben Affleck does a tremendous of job of luring the audience away from FBI agent Adam Frawley, who is in charge of bringing these outlaws to justice, and onto Doug Macray's side.
Doug Macray was raised in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, a town that is notorious for its extortionate amount of bank heists,and armored car robberies. As the movie progresses we discover Doug’s troubled past which involves his mother and her heroin addiction
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He displays this in the first scene of the movie as he's narrating, and talking to his gang. Right before Doug and his crew begin their heist he says "We see a cruiser, stop, take out the engine blocks, keep movin'. No one needs to get hurt." Once the team forcibly enters the bank Macray instructs Claire Keesey, the bank manager, to get up and open the safe. Claire,traumatized, struggles to open the safe due to her hands shaking uncontrollably. Doug notices this grabs her hand and says "No distress code. Open it clean. Take your time, okay? Breath." he then puts her hand back and she successfully unlocks the safe. Doug exhibits these type of actions throughout the movie, which reveal to us that he's not in fact as ruthless as the company he keeps. Due to Doug's upstanding character, he wins the audience's respect and in turn they take his side unlike FBI agent Adam

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