Dam Street: Movie Analysis

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In this paper, I will analysis the film titled Dam Street (Hong Yan) featured by First Run Featured 2008. I will discuss of Yan, a young Chinese woman who lived in the Sichuan province and her life as a young mother who was not aware the existence of her own child. In addition, I will discuss of the behavioral and personality traits, strengths and weakness, life experiences and relationship, life patterns, and other factors of Yan. Moreover, I will discuss of the biological and sociological development of Yan as she a person developed according to the developmental theory. Furthermore, I will discuss of integrate developmental theory of Yan. Lastly, I will conclude the analysis of Yan and her son Xiao Yang in the movie Dam Street (Hong Yan). …show more content…
While, it seems that majority of friends she knew from school was venture out to cities to such as Beijing. Yan was the less who remained behind and found friendship through her co-workers who were also singers. The group of friend was bad influences that consisted of drinking alcohol, intimately involved with men, and also have a problematic life. Yan developed a behavior of being careless and involved herself in dishonorable situations. For an example, Yan became a secret mistress to a married man name Liu Wanjan, a businessman. He could be found to come to her for sex and leave after he was satisfied. The man was ten years older than her. Due to Yan scandalous act she became known as a slut in the town she lived. Not long, Yan got attacked and harassed after the wife of Liu Wanjan learned of their affair. In front of many members in the community while performing, she was beaten, bit, and loudly announced of her shameless affair with a married man by Liu Wanjan spouse and his family. In the same interest of Yan image, she was often looked down by men in the town. Yan boss from the karaoke place she works was in favor of her beauty. He would make inappropriate remarks and attempt to bed Yan. For instance, during the ceremony of Yan marriage to a single business man, Boss Qian sexually harassed her and negatively reminded of her past scandals with Liu Wanja. Yan grew angry and stabbed Boss Qian with a beer bottle and result her short-term husband in jail. Eventually Yan annul the wedding and moved on to learn more about her son who she thought was dead. It followed that the negative environment Yan grew up in and continued to live was malfunctioning her developmental and behavior. Aside from learning her previous bad mistakes, Yan could be seen to continue makes bad decisions in her life and worsen her reputation in the town she lived. The consequence of Yan life made her

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