Essay on The Total Of 973 College Students

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A total of 973 college students were involved in this experiment. Of those individuals who participated in the study, 47.2%, (460), were male and 48.9%, (476), were female. The majority of participants were freshman (689, 70.7%), followed by sophomores (169, 17.4%), juniors (63, 6.5%), and seniors (15, 1.5%). Age in years mirrored class ranking with the majority of students being 18 or 19 years old (676, 72.2%). Out of all the respondents, 60.8% (592) identified themselves as white, 25.8% (251) as Black, or other (93, 8.7%). These demographic breakdowns are representative of the university as a whole.
Sampling methodology was a probability, stratified random sample technique. data was collected from healthful living courses at a mid-sized university in southeastern United States. This course is required of every undergraduate student; however, most take the course during their first year. A total of 25 sections of general Healthful Living are offered each semester, with either a large class format of 250 students per section or a blended learning design with 40 students per section. Five classes were randomly selected to participate: three large and two small sections. Instructors were contacted and researchers collected data during the 5th week of the semester (prior to information taught on stress) during a normal class meeting. Informed consent was obtained from all subjects prior to participation; no incentives were given for participation.
All of the students were…

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